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Deployment slots - Learn Microsoft Azure Deployment slots is one of Azure App Service greatest features. With deployment slots in place, you shouldn't be worried if your new release doesn't work appropriately when it is released to production. This is because you can have different slots for dev/test purposes and a different slot for production. Day 91: Azure Cloud Service with ... - System Center Central Deploy Cloud Service Package Prerequisites via PowerShell . This step assumes the Azure cloud service, storage account, Azure SQL Server and ContosoAds database before deploying the Contoso Ads sample app from Visual Studio as we did yesterday in Day 90. However, If you wanted to automate provisioning of the Azure cloud service (and associated ... Deploying cloud services to Azure with Powershell Recently I was asked to create an automated deployment from TeamCity for an Azure web role. I had done this before with Azure websites so I figured the process was going to be similar. For websites you can use msdeploy which is relatively easy to configure. This is another reason Deploying a Package to an Azure Cloud Service | Octopus Deploy

Day 91: Azure Cloud Service with Web Role and Worker Role for IT Pros (Part 3) - System Center Central

$deployment = Get-AzureDeployment -ServiceName $serviceName -Slot Staging `. -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue. if($ -ne $null){. Azure: Did You Know? Website Deployment Slots - Perficient Blogs Apr 27, 2015 ... Every Azure Website (recently renamed App Service) comes with a default deployment slot – production. Did you know that you can create up ... Deploying in Microsoft Azure - ScaleOut Software

»Azure Provider: Authenticating using the Azure CLI Terraform supports a number of different methods for authenticating to Azure: Authenticating to Azure using the Azure CLI (which is covered in this guide)

ASP.NET Core on Azure - Deployment Options A couple weeks ago, Jef King, Clint Singer, and I presented at the Vancouver Azure Meetup about the different ways to deploy ASP.NET on Azure. It was a lot of fun!. In this post, I'll summarize our presentations.There are a few ways to … A successful Azure Web App deployment process

Deployment slots in Azure Websites expanded to 4+1 slots Posted on Monday, May 12, 2014 Azure Web Sites has increased the number of deployment slots for Standard websites to 4 (in addition to the Production slot).

In Azure Portal navigate to Subscriptions → → Management certificates and upload azure-manage-cert.cer.. Contents of azure-manage-cert.pfx.txt is the value of subscription_certificate deployment provider setting.Encrypt that string before inserting into your appveyor.yml. Cloud Service Deploy Parametrization. When deploying Cloud Services to different environments you ... Using Deployment Slots with Azure Web Apps - Deployment Slots provide a nice way to implement Blue-Green deployments for Azure Web Apps.. This provides many benefits, including: Reduced down-time when deploying. When deploying packages with a large number of files, deployment times can be significantly reduced due to not having to compare with existing files (this assumes you are deploying to a clean slot). Azure Web App Deployment Slots - Petri In this post, I will explain the role of web app deployment slots in Azure, for controlled release management & QA (quality assurance), and how to use them. Tip 111 - Deployment Slots for Web Apps using the Azure ... # Creating Deployment Slot. To create a new deployment slot in an Azure App Service, execute the following command: az webapp deployment slot create -n "web app name" -g "resource group name" -s "deployment slot name" # Swapping Deployment Slot. To swap a deployment slot in an Azure App Service, execute the following command: