Class 2 vs class 3 slots

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l i came across(10minutes ago) an article that talks of class 2 slots not being so random! that exclamation point suggests the article would have you believe class 2 is better. That is the opposite of the usual opinion, so I would take what it says with a grain of salt.

What is Class II Gaming? - Slot-Source Apr 15, 2016 · Class III: a catch-all category of games that can’t be considered Class I or II, like slots, roulette, blackjack, etc. Knowing the hurdles Native American casinos faced to allow Class III slots, gaming companies began developing Class II gaming machines: games that play like regular slots but are technically fancy versions of bingo. Class 2 & 3 Vlt's & Slots - Atlantic City Forum - TripAdvisor Jan 16, 2007 · Class III slots are most often seen in Nevada or Atlantic City and are sometimes referred to as "Vegas-style slots". "Class II" slot machines (also known as "Video Lottery Terminals" or "VLTs") are connected to a centralized computer system that determines the outcome of each wager. In this way, Class II slot machines mimic scratch-off lottery

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Jul 27, 2012 ... Slot machines burst onto the American gambling scene in the 1930's and have captivated risk-takers with their bright lights, shiny reels and a ... Are class 2 or class 3 slot machines different from the house odds ...

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Are all Indian casinos Class II? - Casino City Times I had a long discussion with my brother-in-law. I say that some Indian casinos are Class II, and others are Class III. He claims this is impossible since ALL Indian casinos are governed by the Bureau of Indian Affairs and that is a federal requirement that they all work off "Bingo or Lotto" games, and serviced by one machine. Ask the Slot Expert: Advice for playing Class II slot machines The primary difference between a Class II and a Class III slot machine is how their results are determined. In the end, a 90 percent payback slot is a 90 percent payback slot, regardless of whether it is Class II or Class III. The only different advice I have is for video poker. Slots Strategies -

Jun 6, 2017 ... The legal delineation between class ii vs class iii slot machines is a ... If a 3 reel game had 8 symbols per reel, there would be exactly (8x8x8) ...

attrs II: Slots - The Three of Wands Aug 25, 2017 ... You can make your class a slot and/or frozen class by passing the right .... ns: 3 ########## 392 ns: 1 ### 396 ns: 1 ### 400 ns: 0 | 404 ns: 2 ... Support __slots__? · Issue #28 · ericvsmith/dataclasses · GitHub Sep 6, 2017 ... Leave it as-is, with @dataclass(slots=True) returning a new class. Completely remove ... I think we should either go with 2 or 3. I don't mind not ...