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Hey guys! I think this is my first ever CS:GO video where I actually talk. I hope you all enjoy it and don't forget to leave a sub!

Las Vegas Casino Pick Up Lines; A wise gambler once said you need to know when to fold 'em, know when to hold 'em, and know when to walk away. Well babe, I don't fold, so as I look at your big chips, do you want me to hold 'em or walk away? Video Game Pick Up Lines - Gaming Pick Up Lines Video Game Pick Up Lines. Back to: Pick Up Lines. Mario is red. Sonic is blue. Press start to join and be my player 2. Are you a video game cause I think your my ... Pick Up Lines For a Gambler | Casino Listings forum Latest Gambling News. ... Pick Up Lines For a Gambler. 15 replies • Last post. Recommended Casinos. ... Hahahhaha I love them pick up lines!! And the worse part of ...

Poker Pick Up Lines. Bring on the cheese, the sleaze, the tease, the non-existent swag, the face-palms and the drinks to pick face! Nothing is more entertaining than a swaggering, booze-fuelled jock leaning over and gambling a killer line.

Pick Up Lines For a Gambler | Casino Listings forum Oct 30, 2010 · Nice dice! Hey baby! Want to see my bankroll? Would you like to spin now, or spin later? Hey baby! You’re looking at an expert card counter. Shall I make a deposit? You can play with my chips anytime. No, that isn't a deuce in my pocket. Yes, that IS a deuce in my pocket. You know what they say about men with 21? I’ll ante up if you’ll go down.

We detail some of the easy-to-learn games available at all our endorsed online casinos, with some fantastic variations you can pick up within a couple minutes.

All pick up lines are by definition, almost always cheesy. Why? Because being obvious about you’re trying to pick someone up with a one liner is in itself cheesy. So, should we all just pack up and go home? Absolutely not! When you use corny pick up lines, you are essentially telling someone that you are interested in them. That’s not bad. Vegas releases gambling lines for every college football bowl ...

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Las Vegas Casino Pick Up Lines The betting tables are one of the best place for you to socialized and pick up guys and girls that you may be interested. The funny and catchy Vegas pick up lines featured here include table games such as horseshoe, poker, and dice games like baccarat. Gambling Pick Up Lines - tramvianapoli.com The difference between a casino and a churchA colleciton of Dirty Pick Up Lines. .. Your ass is pretty tight, want me to loosen it up? I'm like Domino's Pizza. .. We should play strip poker. You can strip, and gambling pick up lines I'll .. Sloth related pick up linesJokes about casinos and gambling.